I love photography because it shows how people interpret the world. The camera is my tool and I enjoy interacting with people from behind the camera

During my last six years in the television and film industry I have worked as a camera assistant on national commercials and feature films, shot mini documentaries for TIME Magazine, and edited shows for the History Channel. A couple of years ago I purchased a DSLR camera to shoot video(DSLRs can shoot spectacular video) and I became obsessed with shooting stills. I discovered a project on Flickr that catapulted me into the world of portrait photography. 100 Strangers is a project where photographers have to approach over 100 strangers and get their consent post the picture on Flickr. Through this project I have built up the skills for portrait photography under some of the toughest constraints: uncontrollable lighting, little rapport, and little time. Most of all; 100 Strangers has taught me that people are friendly and really enjoy being in front of my camera.

When I’m not working I am either playing my guitar or I am searching for the best crumb cake in New York City.